Will I Receive Alimony if My Spouse Isn’t Working?

I am often asked as a New Jersey Divorce Attorney, “How am I going to get alimony if my spouse isn’t working?”

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  • You can’t force your spouse to give you money he or she doesn’t have. However, it’s important to keep track of the arrears.
  • Be sure you understand what you’re supposed to receive and mark the record when it doesn’t happen. Send your spouse an email or a letter. Stay in touch, reminding them by saying, “You’re supposed to pay me X dollars. You haven’t paid it for the last three months. You owe me X dollars right now.”
  • Second, look at your options. If your spouse can no longer work where they were working and truly can’t pay that support anymore, don’t spend money on legal fees to fight something that will never change – such as a spouse who once had a specialized license, but then lost that license.
  • You might try to enforce the order by going to court and saying, “Listen judge. I’m supposed to get this amount of money, and I didn’t. Please help me get this money from this individual.”
  • Or, you might work with the individual, recognizing that their change of circumstances may permit a change in the support order. The spouse’s lack of a job doesn’t necessarily eliminate the alimony award right away.

Are you concerned about whether or not you can receive alimony when your spouse isn’t working?  Contact experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney Christopher Leon Garibian.

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