What Happens to Your Personal Belongings in a Divorce?

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, clients want to know what happens to personal belongings during a divorce.

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  • If your spouse once gave you a watch, some jewelry or some other gift, you can keep them; however, half their value is credited to your spouse.
  • If you owned certain items before you were married – such as uncle Larry’s mahogany desk that is precious to you – and you brought it into the marriage, it stays with you. If you acquired that desk during the marriage, it is part of the marital pot and subject to equitable distribution.
  • List your personal items. As you prepare for a divorce, one of your first priorities is to identify specific items you want to keep. Then, list where other items, such as gifts and inherited property came from. An experienced attorney can help you differentiate which property is part of the marital pot. If you decide to keep it, you’ll set a value on it and pay your spouse a certain share of that.
  • Although your personal items can come with you, you may have to pay something to your spouse if it was an inter-spousal gift that has monetary value.

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