New Jersey Divorce Attorney Explains How Much a Divorce Costs

The most common question I receive as a New Jersey Divorce Attorney is, “how much does a divorce cost?”

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  • In New Jersey, it starts with an initial retainer from $2,500 to $100,000 based on what issues each person has.
  • You need an experienced attorney who can go through your issues with you, such as those involving children, assets, a house, personal property, inheritance monies or lottery winnings, et cetera. Different issues arise in every case.
  • Custody and support of children are just two huge issues, so the answer to the question about the you’ll spend is very fact-specific because the more issues you have, the more money it will cost to resolve them.
  • An experienced divorce attorney is essential when it comes to reviewing your case and building a plan to get you up, in, and out of the entire process. Be reasonable. Cut your losses and get through the process as soon as possible.

Are you wondering how much a divorce will cost you? Contact dedicated New Jersey Divorce Attorney Christopher Leon Garibian for guidance.

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