How to Serve Your Spouse with Divorce Papers in NJ

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, I often speak to clients who want to know how they can go about serving their spouse with divorce papers.

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  • Leave it to your attorney to serve your spouse. All that’s needed is for your spouse to sign an acknowledgement of service. You can email it to your spouse to sign and return, and then file it with the court.
  • Service just means the recipient will read a summons and complaint for divorce. You may need somebody to serve your complaint if your spouse is refusing to accept service. They can’t fight the process. If, after you make your best efforts, you’re unable serve the person, you can have what’s called a default judgment.
  • Service of process is your very first step. Get it done easily and quietly. Then, move on to your support or custody issues, along with your assets and debts to be divided.

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