How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer in New Jersey

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, clients often ask how they can choose the best divorce lawyer for their case.

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  • Choosing a divorce attorney is not easy. Ask people you know who they used? What they liked or disliked? Do your own due diligence by reading and going online. Find an experienced person with an online presence.
  • If you’ve been married for a very short time and have no children or assets, someone with 20 years of experience may be unnecessarily costly.
  • If there are many issues, such as children, assets, debt, a long-term marriage, be sure to get an experienced attorney who has learned what they’re doing by amassing the necessary experience.
  • Your outcome depends on the choices you and your attorney make, and an experienced attorney is invaluable when you have serious issues to resolve.
  • One last thing to consider is a connection. You need an attorney you can respect and with whom you can connect. That is a big factor.

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