How is Inheritance Treated in Divorce?

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I often speak to clients who are worried their inheritance will be divided in a divorce.

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  • Your spouse inherited a million dollars from a random uncle. What happens to that money now that you’re divorcing? It’s not yours and, except in specific scenarios, it won’t be split between you because an inheritance is not generally subject to distribution, although any monies that inheritance earns will be.
  • Don’t even buy a cup of coffee for your spouse with inherited property because, if you do, that asset may be changed from an inheritance into the actual marriage, and subject to distribution.
  • When you get an inheritance, consider where it came from and what monies it might generate. Evaluate your best and worst case scenarios before you spend any of that money. Be careful, or you might find that your inheritance has become subject to marital equitable distribution.

Do you have an inheritance that you wish to protect from divorce? Contact dedicated New Jersey Divorce Attorney Christopher Leon Garibian for guidance.

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