Determining Child Support Payments in New Jersey

As a dedicated New Jersey Child Support Attorney, I often speak to clients about how they can determine their child support payments.

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  • In the state of New Jersey, couples with children whose combined net income is $187,200 or less may find that child support is ordered based on a formula called the “New Jersey Child Support Guidelines.”
  • The Guidelines are, essentially, a calculation. Numbers are entered, and a child support order is generated. Other methods are used if the couple’s income is higher.
  • The child support guidelines contemplate specific line items including the children’s health insurance, daycare and the actual gross income of both individuals, and income is a big line item.
  • The guidelines work two ways – using sole or shared worksheets. A parenting plan that includes fewer than 105 nights per year uses the sole parenting worksheet. If the plan is based on more than 105 days, the shared worksheet is used.

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