Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, clients often ask me about collaborative divorces.

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  • Collaborative divorce is a type of mediation that means a couple intends to work toward resolving their issues amicably. It really means you agree not to file a complaint for divorce, but will work through the process and try to figure it out.
  • Sadly, divorce is, by its very nature, antagonistic and adversarial. Some issues will not be resolvable, and you will need intervention from a judge to help you and your spouse figure things out.
  • The collaborative divorce process is a great option for settling issues amicably. Those who can should try the collaborative approach because anything that can keep you out of the process of divorce is going to be helpful.

Do you feel that a collaborative divorce would be best for your relationship? Contact experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Christopher Leon Garibian for guidance.

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