Changing a Property Settlement Agreement After a NJ Divorce

As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Lawyer I am often asked “How do you go about changing a court-ordered property settlement agreement when you’re already divorced?”

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  • What qualifies as a change in circumstances? Maybe you’ve lost your job or been injured and can no longer continue in your particular area of work.
  • If the original order said you would pay spousal support based on your continuing to work and earn a specific amount. Now, your earning power is reduced and you can’t pay the original amount, so you must make the judge understand your change in circumstances.
  • As for custody and parenting, you may find yourself spending a lot more overnights with your child than you did at first. That’s a change of circumstance that may affect child support. If your settlement says you see the child once a week and you’re seeing the child four times a week, that’s a material change in circumstances, which may indicate the need for a review of child support.
  • Essentially, what you initially agreed to could be any of a number of different issues, but the term “change of circumstances” or “change in circumstances” means something is different. You can go back and ask the judge to amend the original document.

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