Being Unhappy with Your Parenting Time Order in New Jersey

As a dedicated New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer, I often speak to parents who are unhappy with their current parenting time order.

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  • Whether you use pen and paper, email, a calendar, or some other method, create a meticulous log of your time and contact with your children.
  • Second, if you are still speaking to your spouse, talk about it. Do not talk to your children.
  • If you and your spouse don’t speak, or if restraining orders are in place, you may have to retain the services of an attorney. Go through the specifics relative to your desire for more time with your children and examine your motives.
  • By sitting with your lawyer to discuss specifics, you may recognize some options. You might have the flexibility to be home at noon every day and say, “I’m at home when my child comes home at two, and my spouse doesn’t come home till five. Why should he or she be in daycare for three hours when they could spend that time with me?”
  • If your spouse tells you, basically, “Go away. I’m not going to give you the extra time,” you might put your suggestion in writing and email it to your spouse or, if you can’t, go speak with your lawyer. If your spouse refuses, you may have to go to a judge.
  • Get an experienced attorney and ask for their advice. We can give you an unbiased opinion on whether your position is reasonable, but, by all means, get as much time with your children as you can.

Have you grown unhappy with your parenting time order and need it modified? Contact experienced New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer Christopher Leon Garibian for help.

This educational video was brought to you by Christopher Leon Garibian, an experienced New Jersey Child Custody Lawyer in Morris County.

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