New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Explains How Long an Uncontested Divorce Takes

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Explains How Long an Uncontested Divorce Takes

What do you do if your spouse leaves the state of New Jersey and moves to a different state, saying nothing to you? Either you know where the person is, or you don’t know where the person is, so what do you do? Can you still get divorced? Yes, you can. In the state of New Jersey, the process is referred to as a default judgment.

The challenge is service. How do you deliver the summons and complaint to the individual so that individual knows you have initiated the divorce process and then assure the New Jersey judge, “I gave my spouse the appropriate documents, and served them properly. Now, I need a divorce because that individual is not going to take any part in the process.

The concept of the divorce process is such that you really only need one side. If your spouse says, “I’m not going to give you the divorce. I’m going to fight you the whole way. I’m not going to let you divorce me,” that’s not true. They cannot stop you from divorcing them. If they live in another state, you may have to spend more money to retain counsel in that state to find the individual.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. That individual is going to be served, and/or a judgment of divorce will be entered. It doesn’t matter where that individual is. They could even be in a different country. It makes no difference. First, you need to build an action plan that will identify the potential issues. You’re going to spend more money.

If you have to go out of the state to serve the individual, you’ll spend more money. Once you put that together, get with a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer who has the experience needed to deal with such issues, build an action plan, go through the costs, et cetera – and get out of the process as soon as possible.

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