No Fault Divorce Process

No Fault Divorce Process

No Fault Divorce Process

Clients often ask me as a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, “what goes on in the no fault divorce process?” No fault divorce is what happens in the United States of America. Every state has no fault divorce, which means no fault will be assigned to an individual, such as a spouse who cheats, or one who spends too much money, or treats you poorly. These items, as far as what that individual did to you as your spouse, are not compensable – unless there’s a tort, or some physical or emotional injury for which you can actually be compensated. No fault basically means you file the papers, you meet the minimum requirements.

For example, when it comes to irreconcilable differences, the court tells us there must be six months of irreconcilable differences during which you and your spouse realized that you are unable to sustain the bonds of matrimony any further. You can then get a divorce based on irreconcilable differences. No fault divorce exists in every state in the nation, and it basically means no fault is involved. The marriage simply didn’t work out. It is what it is.

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