New Jersey Divorce Attorney on What You Need to Know About the Discovery Process

New Jersey Divorce Attorney

New Jersey Divorce Attorney on What You Need to Know About the Discovery Process

Clients will often come to me as a New Jersey Divorce Attorney and ask, “what is divorce discovery?” It’s the process by which you gather documents, data, and information such as tax returns, 401Ks, stocks, investments, et cetera. The discovery process allows you time, and offers ways to find the information you need. You may have heard the term, subpoena, which is a document that goes someplace and says, “Give me the information.”

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For example, you might send a subpoena to a bank, an investment house, or retirement asset to find out what’s in the 401K, when the last loan was taken, when contributions were made to that particular asset. You go through the process, gathering all the data you can. This is why you, as a client, can really help your lawyer before you even start the process by gathering information in your house and making copies of everything you can.

Go on the computer. Look at what you can look at. Print, download, take screen shots, do anything you can do to help your attorney through this information-gathering process. It can be costly, but it’s an invaluable tool because you want to learn what you have that will be divided, such as assets, et cetera. Make sure that you talk about the discovery process when you initially get with your attorney.

Ask, for example, “How do I find this information?” or “My spouse has a company that’s out of state, what do I do?” You can actually send a subpoena to that out-of-state area. You may have to retain counsel in that state to obtain a court order to allow the subpoena to work Sometimes you send a subpoena out of state and get a response. You may get documents back. Other times you don’t.

These decisions must be figured out as part of your plan for working through the process of divorce so that, as you go through the discovery period, you get all the information. Then you can make informed decisions and get divorced.

Are you going through a divorce and want to learn more about the discovery period? Contact New Jersey Divorce Attorney Christopher Leon Garibian for guidance.

This educational blog was brought to you by Christopher Leon Garibian, an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney in Morris County.

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