How Long Must I Reside in New Jersey Before Getting Divorced?

New Jersey Divorce Attorney

New Jersey Divorce Attorney Explains How Long You Must be a Resident to Get Divorced

I am often asked as an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, how long you must reside in New Jersey to get divorced. In the state of New Jersey, except for adultery, you have to live here for one year before you can file a complaint for divorce. If your grounds are adultery, you don’t need to meet that one-year requirement for jurisdiction, but you have to show the court that you actually were living in the state of New Jersey, and you were there one year prior to the filing of the complaint for divorce.

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There are many arguments regarding a state’s requirement that you spend time. I think the best argument I ever heard came from one of the state legislators who said it was intended to allow a cooling off period, and just time to be sure it is really a step you want to take. You can’t get around it. If you’re try to file for irreconcilable differences, and have been in the state for three months, the court will reject your paperwork. You’ve got to be here for one year, and that’s it.

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