New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses How You can Alleviate Divorce Expenses

New Jersey Divorce Attorney

New Jersey Divorce Attorney Discusses How You can Alleviate Divorce Expenses

Clients will come to the office and ask me as an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, how a person can actually alleviate some of their own divorce expenses? As a client, you can do several things that will help your attorney with your case and keep the cost down. First of all, remember that we’re not your friend. We’re not your psychotherapist. Our role is going to have a limited involvement in your world. As much as possible, information should be exchanged via email. Other things should be done in an organized fashion.

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You should really try to minimize contact with the attorney. Every time we speak, we’re billing. Every time we email, we’re billing. Every time we fax, write an email, or send a text message, we’re billing. It all costs money, but some people don’t understand that. The fault also lies with lawyers who don’t explain that to their clients, saying, ”Hey, I’m not your therapist. Stop calling me every single day.” On the one hand, some lawyers say, ”Well, I can make more money. When I’m speaking to the client every day, I’m making more money.” What does that do? Nothing. If the client needs to be spoken to every day, the lawyer speaks to the client every day.

What can you – as a client – do to save money? Keep contact to a minimum. Work from a task list and say to your lawyer, “Okay, these are the five steps in the action plan for the next 30 to 60 days.” Check them off, one, two, three. Send an email saying, “Listen. On our task list, number three, I was supposed to do this. I did it. You were supposed to do this. I didn’t hear from you yet. What’s going on?” That keeps contact with your attorney to a minimum. Email is great because it’s less expensive. It’s still costly because you’re paying for it every time, so try to keep things simple.

Put an action plan together. Know where you are and where you’re going so you can get out of the process. Believe me, you don’t want lawyers. Everybody always says, “Lawyers are bad. Lawyers are this or that.” Ask people in difficult situations who have lawyers they’re very happy with and you’ll see how important it is to choose a good lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to get you through this mess. That’s what you need, an experienced attorney. I’m a partner here at Weiner Lesniak, in the Family Law department, and I will meet with you, talk to you, and maybe be of assistance to you. Please call me in the office if you have a need with which I may be able to help.

Are you entering into a divorce and want to keep costs low? Contact dedicated New Jersey Divorce Attorney Christopher Leon Garibian for experienced representation.

This educational blog was brought to you by Christopher Leon Garibian, an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney in Morris County.

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Christopher Leon Garibian, Esq. is a partner in the matrimonial and family law department of Weiner Law Group LLP. He has over 19 years of experience handling a multitude of Divorce and Family Law Matters throughout New Jersey. He is passionate about family law and takes pride in his ability to effectuate real change in the lives of his clients. He is certified by the State Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Attorney. If you are in need of an experienced Divorce Attorney or Family Law Attorney in NJ, contact us today for compassionate, long lasting legal solutions.

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