New Jersey Child Support Attorney Explains How Payments are Determined

New Jersey Child Support Attorney

New Jersey Child Support Attorney Explains How Payments are Determined

As an experienced New Jersey Child Support Attorney, clients often ask me how child support payments are determined. You’re going through a divorce in the state of New Jersey, and you have children, so child support may be ordered. In New Jersey, we use a formula called the “New Jersey Child Support Guidelines.” It’s a calculation. You plug numbers in and it spits out a child support order. The guidelines themselves can only be used if your combined net income is $187,200 or less. You may think that’s a random number, but it’s not. Rather, it’s based on the calculations, the guidelines, and the program. If your income is higher, the court can utilize other factors to set child support.

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In using the child support guidelines, it’s important to look at each of the line items. For example, what’s being paid for the children’s health insurance – and who’s paying? What about daycare? What is the actual gross income of both individuals? You may say, “I own my own business. I don’t have a gross income.” Actually, though, you do. That’s where an experienced attorney can help you accurately identify your spouse’s income. That income is a big line item.

Also, the guidelines include two different guidelines. We call them sole or shared worksheets. What does that mean? If you have a parenting plan for your children, and you have them fewer than 105 nights of the year – which works out to about 28% of the overnights – you’ll use the sole parenting worksheet. If you have them more than 105 days, you’ll use the shared parenting worksheet.

Those two child support numbers will be different. You can imagine that, if you have the child more, there may be more child support. That’s the way it works. You’ve got to go over these determinant factors with your lawyer, so you want a lawyer who’s experienced and can help you go through the steps and determine the proper child support amount.

Are you looking to determine how much child support you will be ordered to pay? Contact dedicated New Jersey Child Support Attorney Christopher Leon Garibian for guidance.

This educational video was brought to you by Christopher Leon Garibian, an experienced New Jersey Child Support Attorney in Morris County.

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