Certified New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Certified New Jersey Divorce AttorneyChristopher Leon Garibian, Esq. is a Certified New Jersey Divorce Attorney focusing on all aspects of New Jersey Family Law including divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, division of assets, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and more.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey certifies select attorneys who have displayed knowledge, experience, and education in New Jersey Matrimonial Law. This helps the public make informed decisions when selecting experienced legal counsel.

Serious family law matters can be frustrating and even frightening at times. Christopher Leon Garibian, Esq. truly cares about his clients, and provides personal attention, accessible guidance, and solid protection to put your mind at ease through these trying times.

We are passionate, and aggressive about pursuing the best possible outcomes for our clients, and have a proven track record of providing skilled legal representation, at a reasonable price. If you’re in need of a Certified New Jersey Divorce Attorney, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Divorce Attorney

Christopher Leon Garibian, Esq., is a highly-trained Certified New Jersey divorce attorney with years of experience in family courts. Our matrimonial attorney employs proven methods to deliver long-lasting results that often exceed your expectations. – LEARN MORE

Child Custody Attorney

The decisions made in child custody disputes are extremely important, because most children need their environment to be as stable and as conflict-free as possible. We will do whatever it takes to move the chains and advance your interests. – LEARN MORE

Domestic Violence Attorney

Few things tear at the fabric of marriage and family more than domestic violence. Whether the acts are physical, emotional, verbal, or mental, the damage is very much the same and the effects are often permanent. Let our experience of the law protect you.

Division of Assets Attorney

An equitable property division is essentially a two-step process. First, property must be classified as marital or nonmarital. Second, the property must be divided in a just and right manner. We will stand up for your rights, both in court and in pretrial negotiation sessions. – LEARN MORE

Child Support Attorney

New Jersey law entitles children to a fair share of both parents’ incomes and that the children should not be financially punished because of the divorce. We routinely handle a multitude of child support matters throughout the state, and will always put the children first. – LEARN MORE

Alimony Attorney

We understands the legal, financial, and emotional implications of divorce. Our attorneys will take the time to listen and craft a sustainable spousal support plan that both passes judicial muster and conforms to your needs. – LEARN MORE

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Most experts agree that financial disputes are a leading cause of divorce. A premarital agreement can remove potentially destructive elements from a relationship. The attorneys at our firm will look out for your interests before, during, and after the marriage

Military Divorce Attorney

Military servicemembers and their families know full well that life in the armed services is nothing like civilian life. In these situations, it’s critical to have an assertive advocate who routinely handles these types of matters.


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Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Attorney

New Jersey Divorce Attorney Christopher Leon Garibian has over 19 years of experience handling a multitude of Divorce and Family Law Matters throughout NJ. Attorney Garibian is passionate about family law and takes pride in his ability to effectuate real change in the lives of his clients. He is certified by the State Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Attorney. If you are in need of a Certified New Jersey divorce attorney to help with your Family Law matter, contact us today for compassionate, long lasting legal solutions.

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